List of Acronyms used in the WPF Sudan Peace Archives

List also available as a pdf download



CPA: Comprehensive Peace Agreement

DPA: Darfur Peace Agreement

ESPA: Eastern Sudan Peace Agreement



ABC: Abyei Boundaries Commission

AJOC: Abyei Joint Oversight Commission

AUHIP: African Union High-Level Implementation Panel for Sudan (2011: Sudan andSouth Sudan)

AUC: African Union Commission

AUPD: African Union High Level Panel for Darfur

SSRC: Southern Sudan Referendum Commission



GoS: Government of Sudan

GoSS: Government of Southern Sudan (2005-2011)

GoRSS: Government of the Republic of South Sudan (2011-)



JPSM: Joint Political and Security Mechanism

JHFMU: Joint Humanitarian Facilitation and Monitoring Unit

JBVMM: Joint Border Verification and Monitoring Mechanism

AIM: Ad Hoc Investigative Mechanism



AU: African Union

AU PSC: African Union Peace and Security Council

ICC: International Criminal Court

ICJ: International Court of Justice

IGAD: Intergovernmental Authority on Development

IMF: International Monetary Fund

LAS: League of Arab States

UN: United Nations

UNSC: United Nations Security Council


Political Parties/Opposition Groups

LRA: Lord’s Resistance Army

JEM: Justice and Equality Movement

NCP: National Congress Party

NDA: National Democratic Alliance

NIF: National Islamic Front

NRF: National Redemption Front

SAF:  Sudanese Armed Forces

SPLM: Sudan People’s Liberation Movement

SSDF: South Sudan Defense Forces

SPLM/A: Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army

SPLMN: Sudan People’s Liberation Movement North


United Nations and African Union Missions

AMIS: African Union Mission in Sudan

UNISFA: United Nations Interim Security Force for Abyei

UNMIS: United Nations Mission in Sudan

UNMISS: United Nations Mission in South Sudan

UNAMID: United Nations Mission in Darfur



SDBZ: Safe Demilitarized Border Zone

JIUs: Joint Integrated Units