The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa book cover

Alex de Waal's new book delves into the business of politics in the turbulent, war-torn countries of north-east Africa.

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Stimulating a new conversation about corruption and the global arms business.

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South Sudan's political marketplace in eight cartoons. Art by Victor Ndula and text by Alex de Waal.

South Sudan's political marketplace in eight cartoons. Art by Victor Ndula and text by Alex de Waal.

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Advocacy in Conflict book cover

New book edited by Alex de Waal and winners of the 2013 student seminar competition.

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Student Opportunity

Student Seminar Competition

Fletcher students, this is your chance to conceptualize a two day research seminar and invite experts from around the world, all funded by the WPF. The deadline for proposals is Oct. 9.
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The Real Politics of the Horn of Africa

Political Marketplace book cover stacks of moneyAlex de Waal's latest book draws on his thirty-year career in Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia, including experience as a participant in high-level peace talks, to provide a unique and compelling account of how these countries leaders run their governments, conduct their business, fight their wars and, occasionally, make peace.


Upcoming Events

Book Lecture with Scott Straus

Scott Straus Making and Unmaking Nations book coverJoin World Peace Foundation on Tuesday, October 20, 2015 as we welcome author Scott Straus to the Tufts Campus to discusses his new book,Unmaking Nations: War, Leadership and Genocide in Modern Africa. 

For more information visit our  Events page.


New Seminar Briefing Note

A briefing note is now available on ‘Corruption, Protest and Militancy.’ The Note summarizes discussions from a seminar convened with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Justice and Security Research Programme on corruption, especially as it relates to conflict, popular protest and the emergence of militant political movements. It built on Sarah Chayes’ book Thieves of State (2015) and the work of the Justice and Security Research Programme on the ‘political marketplace’ and ‘moral populism’ in Africa.
New Publication

Advocacy in Conflict

Conflicts in Africa, Asia and Latin America have become a common focus of advocacy by Western celebrities and NGOs. This provocative volume delves into the realities of these efforts, which have often involved compromising on integrity in pursuit of profile and influence.

Peace Missions in Africa

The WPF is spearheading research on peace missions in Africa, drawing upon African expertise and insight, in order to inform an African-led agenda for a new generation of political initiatives in support of peace, and international missions involving armed peacekeepers in the continent. The project will culminate in an independent Report to the African Union.

New WPF Board Trustee

Anat Biletzki headshot photoWe are pleased to welcome Professor Anat Biletzki to the WPF board of Trustees.  Professor Biletzki is the Albert Schweitzer Professor of Philosophy at Quinnipiac University and Professor of Philosophy at Tel Aviv University.  Click here to learn more about the WPF Board of Trustees.

WPF Fellows

New WPF Fellows

World Peace Foundation is excited to welcome Dyan Mazurana, PhD, as a Senior Fellow.
Professor Mazurana is a Research Director at the Feinstein International Center and an Associate Research Professor at The Fletcher School.
From the Archives

A Peace Reflection

Archive poster - A Peace Reflection blue and green


Is It Ever Legal to Bomb a Hospital?

  • Dr. Omar was conducting an exploratory laparotomy on a female patient with a bullet wound in her abdomen when the entire hospital shook with the sound of explosions. Windows were shattering and a light and plaster fell from the ceiling. A nurse ran in to say that a missile had been fired through the wall [...]

  • Burma’s Struggle for Democracy: A Critical Appraisal

  • It is a truism that anti-authoritarian movements and organizations tend to mirror their opponents in thinking, modes of operation and political practices, and especially to become intolerant of any view that differs from that of the leadership. And indeed, in Burma’s case, the choice to elevate Aung San Suu Kyi to the status of icon for democracy has had important and potentially fatal limitations, for both the domestic and international components of the democracy campaign.
  • Genealogies of transnational activism

  • We continue to offer you an inside glimpse of the new WPF book, Advocacy In Conflict: Critical perspectives on transnational activism, with an excerpt from Chapter 2 by Alex de Waal. The volume was edited by Alex de Waal with Jennifer Ambrose, Casey Hogle, Teisha Taneja, and Keren Yohanne (London: Zed Books, 2015). The editorial [...]