Suggested Background Readings for Simulex 2013

New York Times Magazine

     A Game of Shark and Minnow

Wall Street Journal

     Wall Street Journal - Japan China Relations

Congressional Research Service

Maritime Territorial Disputes in East Asia: Issues for Congress, CRS Report for Congress, January 30, 2013

Gelb, Leslie H. and Dimitri K. Simes

“Beware Collusion of China, Russia,” The National Interest, July/August 2013

Congressional Research Service

Senkaku (Diaoyu/Diaoyutai) Islands Dispute: U.S. Treaty Obligation,CRS Report for Congress, 2013

Pant, Harsh V.

“The Pakistan Thorn in China-India-US Relations,” The Washington Quarterly, Winter 2012

Valencia, Mark J.

Foreign Military Activities in Asian EEZS: Conflict Ahead? National Bureau of Asian Research NBR Special Report #27, May 2011

Sharifi, Arian

Security in Afghanistan Beyond 2014: Preparedness of the Afghan National Security Forces

International Crisis Group

Dangerous Waters: China-Japan Relations on the Rocks, Asia Report No 245, April 2013

Future Directions International

The China-Japan Relations Border Dispute in 2013: Point and Counter-Point, May 2013

Institute of South Asian Studies

China-South Asia Strategic Engagements: China’s Strategic-Security Interests in South Asia, ISAS Working Paper, August 2012

Center for Strategic and International Studies

     Recalibrating US-Pakistan Relations

Foreign Policy Magazine

     The Battle for Karachi

International Herald Tribune

     What the Pakistani PM should have actually said

Washington Times

     Muslim Russia?

New York Post

     Russia Federation Being Pulled Apart

Russian Energy Export Expansion into the Koreas and Japan

     WMV Russia Japan Korea Pipeline