Chris Wrenn, United States

Why I chose Fletcher:  At the recommendation of a mentor, I applied for and was granted a National Defense Fellowship at The Fletcher School in 2006.  My fellowship year was a watershed event in my life.  As a military fellow, I worked closely with, learned from, and developed a personal bond with truly world class professors; an exceptional cadre of graduate students; a very generous and caring staff; and dedicated alumni.  Last fall when an opportunity emerged to pursue a PhD, The Fletcher School was my first and frankly my only choice.  I was motivated to return to study again with the faculty, students, and staff; take advantage of an impressive list of courses; and return to the great culture that Boston offers.  But just as importantly, I saw this as a chance to return to a place that I consider home.  Our school is far more than a small collection of buildings that have endured over time.  What we have here is stronger than a sense of community, we are family.  Those of us who study and work at Fletcher come from all corners of the globe and here, like those before us, we develop lifelong relationships.  I cannot think of a finer place to further develop one's intellect and hone capabilities thus earning both the privilege and assuming the responsibility to join others equally committed to helping solve our world's most pressing challenges. 

Something that has surprised me about Fletcher:  I am surprised at the amount of time and careful attention faculty devotes to students.  My professors are world renowned in their fields, yet their personal attention to my education and continuous patience is unlike that I have experienced previously.  Without question my fellow students and I matter to faculty. This comes through in all lectures and has been reinforced in every office meeting I have had with my professors. 

Favorite magazine:

Journal of Foreign Affairs 

Favorite Music/Band:

BB King 

Experience when you felt the farthest from home:

First combat deployment in Iraq 

Global Issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Nuclear weapons

Fletcher Alumnus you admire:

Retired Air Force Colonel, Dr. Stephen Wright 

Favorite Lecture attended:

Professor Shultz lecture on Global Insurgency in Washington, DC

Fields of Study

  • International Security Studies
    Political Systems and Theories

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • PhD Colloquium

Education before Fletcher

  • MA, Military Operational Art and Science, Air Command and Staff College 
    MA, Public Administration, John F. Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
    BA, Economics and Business Management, North Carolina State University; 

Experience before Fletcher

  • Colonel, United States Air Force; operational experience in the Middle East, Central America, and Africa, staff experience at United States Strategic Command, Headquarters United States Air Force, and Global Strike Command (P), command at the squadron level. 


  • Spanish