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How to Add Your PhD Alumni Profile

We are excited to be able to share information about your publications, presentations, employment, awards, and other accomplishments with the greater Fletcher community and at the same time permit you to learn about what your classmates and fellow alums are doing.

Please use the “PhD Alumni Profile Form” to create your webpage. You can populate your profile with information in an array of categories, including: Education; Biography; Awards, Fellowships, and Grants; Publications; Fields of Study; PhD Dissertation; Dissertation Advisors; Faculty Advisors; Research Interests. We request that you have a photo in your profile as well, please send your photo to

A few notes:

  • Send a photo as a jpeg and your CV as a PDF attached to an email to
  • Publications display on your profile under five categories: Articles, Books, Book Chapters, Conference Papers and Op-Eds. If you would like publications to be displayed in your profile please categorize them under these five headings and send the citations, as you would like them to appear in your profile.
  • The information you decide to put in your profiles is entirely up to you. Please feel free to look at other PhD alumni profiles.
  • Submit your webpage materials to the Communications and Public Relations Dept. ( with a cc to

Placement Page

This page would give the name of alumnus/a, year of graduation, and general placement information (Dept. of State, Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Thailand, Ass’t Prof. at NYU, etc.).  Please send this information to if you are interested in being on the Placement Page.


If you have any questions about submitting information for your PhD Alumni webpage, please contact Karen Mollung ( 

We look forward to having a flourishing Fletcher PhD Alumni site!