PhD Student Leaders

Ph.D. Colloquium

The weekly Ph.D. Colloquium is an opportunity for resident Ph.D. students to present their research to their peers and other invited guests and to receive constructive feedback. The academic chairs of the colloquium are methodology professors Zeynep Bulutgil and Nancy Hite as well as Academic Dean Ian Johnstone. All Ph.D. students are encouraged to present their research, whether it is at a preliminary stage or whether it is just prior to their dissertation proposal or dissertation defense.  This year's colloquium coordinators are Lami Kim and TBA.

Ph.D. Committee Student Representatives

For information on the role of the Ph.D. committee please see the Ph.D. Committee page.

The two Ph.D. student representatives on the Ph.D. Committee are elected by doctoral students in the Spring they are:

Aaron Melaas
Benjamin Naimark-Rowse

Ph.D. Representative on the Student Council

For information on the role of the Student Council please see the Fletcher Student Council webpage.

There is one Ph.D. Student Council representative who is elected by doctoral students in the Spring. This year’s leader is:

Phoebe Randel

Ph.D. Student Group

The Ph.D. student group is one of the many student groups at Fletcher that receives funding through the Allocations Board (ALBO) of the student council on a semester-by-semester basis. This group is comprised of and run by Ph.D. students. Activities and events sponsored by this group are open to the entire Fletcher student body and vary yearly, but the annual Ph.D. Conference held on the last Friday of September is one of the key events.

The Ph.D. Student Group leaders are:
Neeraj Prasad

2014 Ph.D. Conference Coordinators are:
Sarah Detzner
Benjamin Naimark-Rowse