Ivan Willis Rasmussen, United States

On the international life I see for myself after Fletcher:As I look forward to completing my PhD studies at Fletcher, I often reflect on the international opportunities that are now available to me.  While I am always involved in my academic pursuits, from teaching to research, I also know that anything I do in the future will have an international element.  The Fletcher School has opened up the chance to either pursue an academic career in a variety of inter-disciplinary programs at high-level universities or develop a career in the public sector, specifically with the United States Government.  Every day is a challenge at The Fletcher School, but I look forward to an international life where I can bridge the academic and policy worlds to make a salient impact on international relations.

How Fletcher has broadened my global perspective: I arrived at The Fletcher School with the goal of expanding my intellectual and personal perspectives through classroom work focused on international issues.  I found that my perspective was broadened beyond the classroom in my daily interactions with peers.  It is the diverse Fletcher community that has allowed me, along with many other students, to expand our individual viewpoints.  From seemingly minor interactions at the multiple Cultural Nights at Fletcher to the range of courses where peers discuss, debate, and negotiate, it was inevitable that I would be able to broaden my global perspective.  In particular, I think to my group of peers that I joined for a voyage to Sri Lanka after graduating from the MALD Program:  Radha (a friend from India with a background in climate change and energy policy), Hasham (a Pakistani friend with a breadth of knowledge from philosophy to international trade law), and Hila (an Afghan who is now achieving success working for the US government).  We were there to celebrate the marriage of another Fletcher peer from Sri Lanka, Joy, who made that tiny South Asian Island an international conference of like-minded and intellectually curious Fletcher friends.  That is how Fletcher makes a global citizen out of a small-town Kentucky guy.

Favorite Newspaper:

International Herald Tribune

Favorite Blog:


Favorite Book:

A Confederacy of Dunces

Favorite Landmark/Site:

Temple of Heaven (China) and Fatehpur Skri (India)

Global Issue that brought you to Fletcher:

China's Rise in International Politics

Fields of Study

  • International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
    International Organizations
    Pacific Asia

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • Fletcher PhD Conference (2010)
    PhD Colloquium
    Fletcher International Law And... (FILA)
    Asia Club
    The Fletcher Ledger

Education before Fletcher

  • MALD, International Law and Diplomacy, The Fletcher School 
    AB, The Woodrow Wilson School, Princeton University

Experience before Fletcher

  • Rosenthal Fellow, The United States Department of State; Washington, DC
    English Language Instructor, Various Private Schools; Beijing, China


  • Chinese (Mandarin)