Elke Jahns, USA and Germany

 I am constantly in awe of my classmates and the wealth of experiences they bring to Fletcher. Again and again, I have been surprised to learn that yet another unassuming classmate recently spent a few months or years supporting a UN peace operation in Haiti, assisting refugees in Indonesia, training small business owners in Morocco or working on conflict resolution in the Middle East. It is both humbling and energizing to share the classroom with such people and to benefit from their insights.

Fields of Study

  • Human Security
    Development Economics
    International Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

Education before Fletcher

  • BA Geology and Environmental Science, Rice University
    Master of Music, Appalachian State University
    Master of Public Affairs, Indiana University

Experience before Fletcher

  • WorldTeach Program Manager, Cambridge, MA
    Catholic Relief Services Development Fellow, Tanzania
    Peace Corps Volunteer, Chile


  • English