iSIS - Tufts Integrated Student Information System


 The Tufts University Integrated Student Information System (iSIS) is where your academic record is maintained, as well as grades, transcripts, student financials, and more.

You will use the iSIS system during Registration for your official enrollment in courses in the fall and spring semesters.

Here are a few select action-items that may be conducted via iSIS:
  • Request Official Transcripts, which are signed by the Registrar, and printed on Fletcher transcript paper with an official watermark and enclosed in a sealed envelope.
    With your request submission in iSIS, you may arrange for the Official Transcript to be mailed to a third-party or for the Official Transcript to be available for you to pick-up from the Fletcher Registrar's Office.
  • Independently Obtain an Unofficial Transcript (not signed by the Registrar and features an Unofficial mark when viewed or printed).
    You may independently download an Unofficial Transcript and save an electronic version on your desktop which may be printed or emailed.
  • Check if you have a Hold on your student account, which prevents you from enrolling in courses, as well as fulfillment of any transcript requests. You may also view the department that placed the Hold on your student account so you may work directly with the department to resolve the hold.
  • Review your billing account activity and ensure that you avoid any late payment fees.
  • Degree requirements tracking; you may monitor your progress toward fulfillment of your degree requirements through Academic Advisement.