The Fletcher School: Orientation 2014-2015

Office of Career Services

Welcome to Fletcher!  We are looking forward to meeting you this fall. To prepare you for our time together, we want to give you some details about the Professional Development Program (PDP). In addition, we know that some of you may have time this summer to begin reflecting upon your past experiences and thinking about your future careers. Ultimately, the earlier you begin your career search process while at Fletcher, the more success you’ll have in finding a satisfying position upon graduation.

What is the PDP?  The PDP introduces you to a portfolio of essential professional skills critical to finding satisfying international careers. Learning these skills gives you the tools you need professionally to succeed in the real world, as a complement to the rigorous academic preparation you get while at Fletcher. You will use this skill set to manage your international career search while at Fletcher, as well as post-Fletcher.

What’s the schedule?  Please check-in with the Office of Career Services for the PDP schedule.

What happens during the PDP sessions? Most sessions include interactive activities to give you a chance to practice the skills you are learning. Assignments include short career development activities such taking a self-assessment tool, writing your resume, strategically leveraging informational interview requests, and creating an elevator pitch. 

Is it required?  Yes, all first-year students are required to participate in the PDP in order to graduate from Fletcher. Students must attend orientation and seven of the eight remaining sessions, as well as complete the assignments, to fulfill this requirement. This is treated like the foreign language requirement at Fletcher.

What can I do to prepare for the PDP before I get to Fletcher?  In surveys and coaching appointments, we often hear students say “I wish I had spent more time doing some serious career reflection and research prior to beginning my studies at Fletcher.” They find that once the semester begins, it is challenging to balance their career search and academic work load. Here are our suggestions:

  1. Begin working on the attached “My career plan”:
    If you find it easy to complete, it’s likely you have a clearly defined path, and you may be able to quickly focus your energy when you arrive at Fletcher. If you find it challenging, even anxiety-provoking, you may need more information, either about yourself or the world of work or both. 
  2. Speak with professionals in organizations where you might like to work:
    People are usually very willing to share their advice and experience. Who knows where these conversations will take you. One of those people might give you a job when you graduate. If you are not sure about the type of work you would like to do, spend some time thinking about the jobs you have already had. What did you like/dislike about them? Do you like team or individual work better? Do you like selling people on your ideas or do you prefer doing research?   

For more information on our office and services, please visit our website 

We look forward to seeing you!

The Office of Career Services