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Obama and Hollande Cheek Kiss and Make Up: Dean Stavridis Comments in Newsweek


Dean Stavridis The Fletcher School

This week's state visit of President François Hollande of France to the White House underlined a remarkable transformation: America is fast becoming France, as France increasingly resembles America…

…"Under Hollande, there's a sense of leaning forward," in areas where the country has traditionally had influence, says retired admiral James Stavridis, dean of the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts University.

Stavridis, a former Supreme Allied Commander in Europe, says that as "both nations realize there are limits to their military capabilities," France and the U.S., along with other allies, will have to cooperate more and more in the future.

In the past, ever since the colonial era, Stavridis says, powerful countries used to go to war alone, but now "the era of unilateral action is essentially over."

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