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Spirit of America Founder Jim Hake Speaks on Supporting Positive Outcomes in U.S. Missions Abroad

Jim Hake, Founder and CEO of Spirit of America

Jim Hake, founder and CEO of the privately funded non-profit organization Spirit of America (SoA), addressed students, faculty and administrators of The Fletcher School on October 8, 2013. He spoke about the business model of SoA and how a collaboration of citizens and private organizations can help to support positive outcomes in U.S. missions abroad.

 "A lot of problems that U.S. military teams are addressing on the ground look a lot like business problems," said Hake, a technology and media entrepreneur who founded SoA in 2003.

His organization raises funds to provide millions of dollars in aid in the form of medical supplies, clothing, tools, economic aid and more—at the request of U.S. Military personnel—with a focus on Afghanistan, Africa and the Middle East.

"Open systems always lead to better innovation, always lead to better results," added Hake, on the success of the collaborative model.

Photo: Dallin Van Leuven, MALD candidate 2015

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