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Professor Alex de Waal Comments On Chad’s Military Power Following Malian Intervention

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Alex de Waal

Chad: Power Abroad, Trouble at Home

Chad was a big winner from this year's French-led intervention in Mali. The swift victory over militant Islamist groups demonstrated the strength of the Chadian military, pushing the country up world power indexes. And with Western powers looking for allies in the Sahel, Chad has emerged as an unlikely but possibly indispensable ally.

But a failed coup attempt at the start of May shows that Western powers may be getting into bed with a regime which is not entirely stable – a regime many onlookers predicted would fall following a rebel assault on the capital N'djamena in 2008. What, then, is fuelling this new found confidence, or fear, in N'djamena?...

… Chad's military power may be real but there's plenty to suggest that its rise is not being managed sustainably. 

Alex De Waal, Executive Director of the World Peace Programme thinks that "the combination of oil, military capability, and good relations with France have turned Chad into a regional force to be reckoned with." "Deby is certainly presenting himself as capable of filling the security vacuum in the central Sahara, though that is not exactly filling the gap left by Gaddafi."

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