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Afghan Shooting could Change Politics of Reconciliation with the Taliban: Prof. Nasr


Massacre Plays Into The Hands Of Taliban Propaganda

On Morning Edition, NPR's Tom Bowman reported on the U.S. efforts to bring peace to southern Afghanistan, and how "the Army staff sergeant accused of killing men, women and children ... could undermine the U.S. effort throughout Afghanistan. Security might be better in many parts of Afghanistan thanks to a surge in troops, but the Americans could lose the support of the people."

And later in the show, Renee and co-host Steve Inskeep had a panel discussion with Rajiv Chandrasekaran of The Washington Post, former White House adviser and professor at the Fletcher School Vali Nasr and retired Lt. Gen. David Barno. The killings, Chandrasekaran said, "couldn't have been a worse development at a worse time" for U.S. policy in Afghanistan because of the undermining effect it could have.

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