The following are samples of the MALD Theses submitted by Fletcher students relating to Public Diplomacy:



Adrineh Gregorian, "Exporting American Culture: The Impact of Entertainment Television in the Middle East"

Flora Loko Mutuku, "The Digital Commons: Copyright and the Balance Between Private and Public Interests"



Yevgeny Bendersky, "Media Influence on National Security and Foreign Policy: Its Present Form and Its Potential for the Future"

Anna Tiedeman, "Branding America: An Examination of the U.S. Public Diplomacy Efforts After September 11, 2001"



Rebecca Gardner, "Forming Partnerships: An Examination of Dialogue-Based Public Diplomacy and its Potential to Support Transformational Diplomacy"



Katie Schaefer, "Developing an Effective Way Forward: U.S. Public Diplomacy in the Middle East"

Armine S~monyan, "MEDIA INDEPENDENCE: Variables Affecting Freedom of the Press: Cross-Country Regression Analysis with Implications on Russian Media"

Karen Miles, "Understanding the Absence of Sustained Resistance Movements in Economically Prosperous Authoritarian Regimes: A Comparative Study of the People's Republic of China and the UAE"

Ashirul Amin, "From Village Phones to Telecentres: Developing an Explanatory Framework for ICT4D Tools in BOP Markets"

Michael Spiros, "Violence and Voices: Armed Political Opposition Groups' Interaction with the Foreign News Media"

Marieke Spence, "Optimizing the Private Sector in US Public Diplomacy: Realizing Opportunities and Aligning Incentives"

Chris Walker, "An ICT Policy Dilemma: Ramifications on Strategic Nonviolent Social Movements and the Global Islamist Insurgency"

Sayaka Ishida, "Media Intervention: Impact Assessment Based on Media Policy Approach - Break Down of Oligopoly in the Marketplace of Ideas"