The Fletcher School: Maritime Studies

Selected Course Offerings

Selected Course Descriptions*

*Please Note: The following descriptions are not official Fletcher course descriptions. To read official course descriptions, please go to the courses page.

DHP H202 Maritime History
A study of world history over the past 500 years from a salt-water perspective. The course will examine the ocean as source, avenue, and arena, analyzing major themes such as the impact of changing technologies and modes of warfare, evolving patterns of trade, and differing cultural perceptions. The format will be lecture, with some discussion. Read the official course description

DHP H203 Contemporary Maritime Affairs: Global Trade, Maritime Security, Territorial Disputes, and Environmental Degradation
Over 90 percent of international trade is carried by sea – the lifeblood of globalization.The world’s oceans present a myriad of opportunities and challenges in international affairs, such as territorial disputes, opening Arctic sea routes, piracy, terrorism, energy and mineral extraction, marine disasters, strained fisheries, maritime security and technological advances in maritime domain awareness. The course will explore these issues, depending on individual student interests. Course format is lecture and discussion, with two short written exercises and an oral report leading to a final paper of journal article length. Writing and speaking skills receive considerable attention. No prerequisites other than a lively curiosity. Read the official course description

DHP H204: The Arctic in International Affairs

A seminar studying the world's "newest ocean" as source, avenue, and arena of interaction. In this rapidly changing region, we examine economic, strategic, and cultural contexts with special attention to environmental concerns. Within the Arctic context, students will be encouraged to pursue their primary intellectual interests. The course is without formal prerequisite although some background in maritime studies is strongly desirable. Course format is both lecture and discussion. Read the official course description

A Representative List of Some Other Relevant Fletcher Courses
ILO L203 Seminar on the Origins and Development of International Law
ILO L205 Seminar on Law of the Sea
ILO L223 Seminar on International Environmental Law
DHP P208 Seminar on Geography, Foreign Policy, and World Order
DHP P215 Seminar on Identity, Nationalism, and Sovereignty
DHP P249 Seminar on Security Planning and Policy Analysis
DHP P251 International Environmental Negotiation
DHP P254 Energy Policy in an International Context
DHP P282 Diasporas: Ethno-National Networks
EIB B284 Petroleum in the Global Economy
EIB E215M Empirical Topics in Globalization

In addition there are many regional courses, e.g.
DHP D260 Southwest Asia: History, Culture, and Politics
DHP D270 Sino-U.S. Relations Since 1900
or, at Harvard:
History 1895 The Indian Ocean in Comparative Perspective