Christopher 'Kit' Barron, 2011, United States

CapLog Group, Senior Associate - San Francisco, CA
Over the past three years with the CapLog Group, Kit has advised clients in the sustainable seafood space from Mexico and Chile, to the Philippines, Hong Kong and Indonesia. Highlights include helping Fair Trade develop its standard for seafood and conducting a year-long market study of the impact of Chinese luxury seafood demand on Latin American economies.

Fletcher Thesis: Value Chain Analysis of the Gulf of Mexico Shark Fishing Industry

Why I chose Fletcher: After being admitted to Fletcher, I attended a conference on microfinance hosted by Fletcher's Center for Emerging Market Enterprises. Accustomed to stuffy academic conferences that seldom present new ideas or challenge the status quo, I was surprised by what I saw at Fletcher. The six experts on microfinance were arranged in a semi-circle at the front of the room and asked to engage in 'dinner table conversation' about the impact and future of microfinance institutions on the developing world. A sometimes heated, very dynamic, and always cordial conversation evolved, touching on a number of exciting new developments in the field. As impressed as I was with the speakers, it was the Fletcher students’ clear expertise and interest in the subject that left the largest impact on me. After the conference, I spoke to a number of students, many of whom were involved in organizing the conference, and I was welcomed and enthusiastically encouraged to attend Fletcher. I haven't looked back since.

How Fletcher has changed the way I look at the world: Coming into Fletcher, I had spent years outside of the US and explored close to 30 countries; I knew the world was overwhelmingly vast. But now that I'm at Fletcher, the world seems a lot smaller. Just like the flags that line our entryway, Fletcher students are from every nation across the globe. Suddenly, a summer internship in Lagos or a spring conference in Cochabamba doesn’t seem so far away. Moreover, I know that I have a place to stay and a Fletcher alum to visit in almost every corner of the world. 

Favorite City:

Montevideo, Uruguay

Experience when you felt the farthest from home:

In jail in Mpalungu, Zambia

Global issue that brought you to Fletcher:

Rural Development / Agricultural Development

Issue you know nothing about but you find fascinating:

Securing nuclear material from post-Soviet states

Best place to study:

At home! There are too many interesting people to talk to on campus!

Fields of Study

  • Agricultural Development Economics
    Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Development Group
    Co-President, Fletcher Net Impact
  • Co-Founder, Fletcher For Haiti

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, Latin American Studies and Economics, Middlebury College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Program Development and Communications Associate, David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies at Harvard University; Cambridge, MA
    Analyst, NAVSTAR Advisors; Boston, MA


  • Spanish

Summer Internship

  • Grupo Altex, Business Development; Mexico D.F., Mexico