David Aldama Navarrete, 2015, Mexico

Why Fletcher:  I chose Fletcher because the MIB program presents a unique opportunity to bridge my interests in the public and private sectors and to gain a wide array of skills that can be utilized in the field of social enterprise. 

On the Fletcher community: The diversity of the Fletcher community is truly remarkable! In my class, we have a Czech-Mexican student, an Irish-Japanese student, and a German-Rwandan student who also happens to speak Mandarin. The best part about this is that wherever you're from, you'll feel at home.  Whatever your beliefs, your background, or your nationality, you'll have something to give and something to take away from the people you'll meet, who will be very different, and yet very similar, to you. Additionally, it never ceases to surprise me how nice everyone is at Fletcher! It sounds commonplace, but it is so true; every last one of your classmates, the faculty, and the administrative staff are always willing to listen, to help, and to advise you in every way needed.

Favorite blog:

Marginal Revolution:

Favorite Twitter feed:


Favorite website:


Fletcher alumnus you admire:

Bill Richardson, Juan Manuel Santos, Pamela Cox

Most interesting person you’ve met at Fletcher:

Dean Stavridis, the most lighthearted, fun Supreme NATO commander you'll ever meet.

Fields of Study:

  • Development Economics
  • International Finance and Banking

Activities involved in at Fletcher:

  • Student-run PE fund
  • Fletcher Finance Club

Education before Fletcher:

  • Licenciatura, Political Science, ITAM, Mexico City
  • Licenciatura, Economics, ITAM, Mexico City

Experience before Fletcher:

  • Prestamos para Crecer, SOFOM, Director of Business Operations, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Prestamos para Crecer, SOFOM, Director of Sales, Mexico City, Mexico
  • Compartamos Banco, Product Development Manager, Mexico City, Mexico


  • Spanish
  • French
  • English