Harsha Kodali, 2014, United States

 Why I chose Fletcher: I wanted my future career to be located at the crossroads of finance and international social impact. The Master of International Business (MIB) program stood out to me as a perfect way to establish myself at this intersection. Unlike many other schools, Fletcher is a small community. I know everyone at least on sight, and have had in-depth conversations with most of my peers regarding their interests. Additionally, Fletcher students meet every Thursday for social hour, a school-wide session in which we get to relax from a week of class, and we communicate freely using the 'social-list,' a school-wide e-mail listserv where topics range from potential job connections to intense debates on various global conflicts.What results is a close-knit community that I plan to carry with me throughout my career.

My Post-Fletcher Career: After Fletcher, I hope to partake in investment in micro-finance institutions or other creative financial services, providing financial and consulting assistance to potential clients. I think the MIB program sets me up perfectly for this because unlike most international affairs students, I am taking classes that explore financial and business concepts in-depth. Additionally, unlike most business students, I have access to classes with some of the best professors in development and public policy fields.

Favorite author: 
Kurt Vonnegut

Favorite musician:

Most rewarding trip:
Traveling the Nam Ou River in Laos by boat

Most interesting person you have met at Fletcher:
A former marine now working in non-violent resolution regarding resource policy

Fletcher alumnus you admire:
Peter Ackerman

Favorite lecture attended at Fletcher:
Fat Tails, by State Street Bank

Fields of Study

  • Development Economics
  • Strategic Management and International Consultancy

Activities involved in at Fletcher

  • International Business Club
  • Fletcher Development Club
  • Fletcher Net Impact
  • Fletcher Futbol

Education before Fletcher

  • BA, International Relations and Economics, Claremont McKenna College

Experience before Fletcher

  • Research Analyst, Columbus Capital Management, San Francisco, CA
  • Associate, Strategies for International Development, Washington, D.C.
  • Research Associate, The Livelihood School, Delhi, India


  • Spanish
  • Telugu
  • Hindi
  • English

Summer Internship

I-DEV International, Cajamarca, Peru
I conducted financial and social due-diligence on small and medium enterprises, and subsequently placed these potential investments with impact investing funds. Additionally, I undertook development consulting projects focused on NGO sustainability through business solutions.