The GMAP Year

The GMAP Year is divided into three academic terms. Each of these terms involves a two-week residency and 11 weeks of internet-mediated instruction. The first two terms begin with a residency and are followed by internet-mediated instruction. The final term begins with internet-mediated instruction and ends with a residency that culminates in a graduation ceremony. 


 Fletcher Dean Jim Stavridis  meeting GMAP students at their first residency

First GMAP Residency at The Fletcher School


11 weeks of Internet-Mediated Instruction

Courses taken in Term One:

International Politics; Corporate Finance and Global Financial Markets; Leadership and Management; International Negotiation



Second GMAP Residency at an international location


11 weeks of Internet-Mediated Instruction

Courses taken in Term Two:

International Trade; International Macroeconomics; Transnational Social Issues (Environment) and Security Studies

GMAP students on their second
residency in Abu Dhabi, Jan 2014



GMAP students at Graduation

11 weeks of Internet-Mediated Instruction


Final Residency at The Fletcher School



Courses taken in Term Three:

Foreign Policy Leadership; International Organizations (March Class); International Business and Economic Law (July Class); Transnational Social Issues - Human Security (March Class); Transnational Social Issues - Humanitarian Aid (July Class).



GMAP, a combined residency and Internet-mediated international affairs degree program for mid-to-senior level professionals

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GMAP On The Road

  • Santiago
    January 2015

  • Sao Paolo
    January 2015

  • New York
    February 12, 2015

  • Washington DC
    March 2015

  • Geneva
    May/June 2015

  • Brussels
    August 16-28, 2015

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