The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

2001-2002: Comparative Civil Wars

The United States as a Case Study

  • What is the historic and political framework by which we can analyze and compare civil wars?
  • What kinds of civil wars are there?
  • How do civil wars lead to changes in existing institutions of governance?

Featured Speakers:

Civil Wars in Europe


  • British hegemony and the struggle for Irish independence
  • The break-up of Ireland; Ulster vs. Catholics

Featured Speakers:

  • Susan Dargan, Associate Professor, Sociology Department, Framingham State College: "A New Perspective on the Irish Civil War."
  • Lorin Maloney, History Department, Winchester High School: "A Visual Approach to Teaching about the Irish Civil War."


  • International Fascism and fear of the Left
  • Franco vs. The Spanish Republic, prelude to World War II

Featured Speakers:

  • Anita Gombos, PhD candidate, The Fletcher School: "The Spanish Civil War: Choosing Between Two Evils."
  • Thomas MacDonough, Chair, Social Studies Department, Norwood High School: "Was the Spanish Civil War Inevitable?"

Civil Wars in Africa

  • Liberia, Angola, Sudan, Somalia
  • How to resolve Civil Wars, U.N. as peace-keeper; success or failure?

Featured Speakers:

  • Peter Uvin, The Fletcher School: "Why Are There so Many Civil Wars in Africa Now? Will it Ever End? And more Unanswerable Questions."
  • Ian Johnstone, The Fletcher School: "The Evolution of UN Peacekeeping."