The Fletcher School's Global Issues Seminar Series

1999-2000: Comparative Revolutions

November 1999: People, Nations, and Cultures in Revolutionary Change

  • What is the historic and political framework in which we can analyze and compare national revolutions?
  • What kinds of revolutions are there?
  • Does a revolution leading to independence differ from one that seeks to change goverance?
  • Origins, stages, and consequences of the American Revolution

Featured Speakers:

  • Tony Smith, Tufts University: "Revolutions and Modernity"
  • Alan K. Henrikson, Tufts University: "The American Revolution, Then, and the World's Youth Today"
  • Paul Mulloy, Director, MGEP: "Updating Materials and Resources on the American Revolution"
  • Richard Kollen, Lexington High School: "A Geographic Perspective on the American Revolution"
  • Kevin O'Reilly, Hamilton-Wenham Regional High School: "Strategies for Teaching the American Revolution"

February 2000: Revolution from Within: France and Russia

  • The French Revolution and what it owes to the American Revolution. The rise of a proletariat. The end of divine monarchy.
  • The Russian Revolution and the rise of international communism. Collectivization and forced industrialization.

Featured Speakers:

  • Thomas J. MacDonough, Professor, Senior Lecturer, History Dept., Northeastern University: "The French Revolution: The Beginning of Modern History"
  • Pamela Kachurin, Professor, Director of Harvard Center for Russian and East European Studies: "The Russian Revolution, Lenin, the Bolsheviks, and the Creation of a One-Party State"
  • Paul Mulloy, Director, MGEP: "Updating Resources on the French and Russian Revolutions"
  • Ben Feeney, Essex Agricultural Charter School: "Teaching Decision Making: A Munich Conference Simulation."
  • Kristin Palmer, Westford Academy: "Invented Traditions, A Comparison of Soviet Posters and Mexican Murals"

April 2000: Revolutions in China, Latin America and Africa

  • Chinese resistance to colonialism; Kuomintang vs. communists; the Chinese Revolution
  • Wars of revolution in Latin America; social and economic stratification
  • On-going revolution in Africa, and the consequences of imperialism and colonialism

Featured Speakers:

  • Sugata Bose, The Fletcher School: "Revolution in India: Dreams and Reality"
  • Elizabeth Remick, The Fletcher School: "China's Century of Revolutions"
  • Paul Mulloy, Director, MGEP: "Updating Materials and Resources"
  • James Kircaldy, Hingham High School: "Teaching Strategies for Comparing the Chinese Revolution with other 20th Century Revolutions"
  • Ned Rossiter, Newton North High School: "Another Look at Revolutions: Kenya, India, and Vietnam"