Thomas McCarthy

PhD Student / Colonel, U.S. Air Force

  • MA, Military Operational Art and Science, Air Command and Staff College, Air University, Maxwell AFB
  • MA, Airpower Art and Science, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies, Air University, Maxwell AFB
  • MA, Organizational Management, The George Washington University
  • BS, Management, United States Air Force Academy


Colonel Thomas D. McCarthy is a PhD candidate at the Fletcher School, Tufts University. He is also an active duty officer in the United States Air Force teaching at Air University’s Air War College in Montgomery Alabama where he is a Professor of International Security Studies. Col. McCarthy’s PhD dissertation explores the application of extant domain theory to the emerging domain of cyberspace and the development of cyberpower in pursuit of long-term national security concerns. While at Fletcher Col. McCarthy’s fields of interest included both Security Studies and Political Economy. In addition to being an alumnus of the 2011 Institute for Qualitative and Multi-Methods Research at Syracuse University, he holds Masters Degrees from George Washington University and Air University. Prior to his doctoral studies Col McCarthy flew special operations helicopters for the USAF, gaining combat experience in five separate conflicts. Additionally, he has served at the White House as the President’s Military Aide and in the Pentagon on both the Air Staff and within the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

Fields of Study
  • Security Studies
  • International Political Economy

PhD Dissertation
  • William C. Martel (Reader)
  • Stephen E. Wright (Reader, School of Advanced Air and Space Studies)

PhD Dissertation (working title)
  • Travelling Domain Theory: A Comparative Approach to Cyberspace Theory Development

Dissertation Advisor(s)
• Robert L. Pfaltzgraff Jr. (Chair)

Research Interests
  • Cyberspace theory
  • Cyberpower development
  • National Security Strategy development
  • Foreign Internal Defense
  • Strategic Non-violence