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2013 Policy Memos

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2011 Policy Memos

  • Achieving Financial Inclusion Through Appropriate Regulatory Policy: The Case of Ghana's Informal and Semi-Formal Financial Institutions, Franklin Belnye, Assistant Director and Deputy Head, Banking Supervision Department, Bank of Ghana (policy memo)
  • Cash in and Cash Out Agents for Mobile Money in Indonesia, Siti Hidayati, Senior Payment Overseer, Directorate of Accounting and Payment System, Bank Indonesia (policy memo)
  • Policy Choices for The Regulation of Banking and Payment Agents in Kenya, Matu Mugo, Assistant Director, Bank Supervision Department, Central Bank of Kenya (policy memo)
  • Reviewing the Role of Namibia Post Savings Bank (NSB) in Broadening Access to Financial Services to the Poor, Michael Mukete, Assistant Governor, Bank of Namibia (policy memo)
  • Enhancing Financial Inclusion through Technological Innovations, Stephen Mwaura Nduati, Head, National Payments System Oversight Division, Central Bank of Kenya (policy memo)
  • Establishing a Corporate Strategy to Develop a More Inclusive Financial System, Pia Roman Tayag, Head, Inclusive Finance Advocacy Staff, Central Bank of the Philippines (policy memo)
  • Setting the Regulatory Landscape for the Provision of Electronic Money in Peru, Narda Sotomayor, Head, Department of Analysis of Microfinance Institutions, Research and Statistics Division, Superintendency of Banks, Insurance and Pension Funds, Lima, Peru (policy memo)
  • Establishing a National Financial Inclusion Networking Framework, Generose Tabaro, Manager, Oversight and Policy Department, Directorate of National Payment Systems, Bank of Tanzania (policy memo)
  • Promoting Micro-Savings Among the Lowest-End of the Income Segment Through Conditional Cash Transfer Programs in Mexico, Luis Treviño Garza, Director of Access to Finance, National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), Government of Mexico (policy memo)

Thought Pieces from May 2013 Conference on Extreme Inclusion

Designing to What People Think, Not Just Do: Basing Product Development on Mental Models and Metaphors

by Ignacio Mas, Senior Fellow, The Center for Emerging Market Enterprises, The Fletcher School

Investing in Inclusion: Welcome the Institutional Investor

by Patrick J. Schena, Adjunct Professor of International Business, The Fletcher School, Senior Fellow, Fletcher’s Center for Emerging Market Enterprises, and Co-Head, CEME’s Sovereign Wealth Fund Initiative

Prepaid & Pay-as-you-go Models for Asset Financing

Analysis of Mobile-Money Business Models for Kickstart (irrigation pumps) and M-KOPA (solar panels) in Kenya

by Nicholas P. Sullivan, Senior Fellow, The Center for Emerging Market Enterprises, The Fletcher School, and Tonny K. Omwansa

The Power of Folk Banking

Why Homespun Financial Services Will Not Disappear Any Time Soon

by Kim Wilson, Lecturer, The Fletcher School and Senior Fellow, The Center for Emerging Market Enterprises, The Fletcher School

Rapid Prototyping: Iterating for Financial Inclusion

by Yanina Seltzer, Financial Sector Analyst, CGAP and Steve Monroe 

Data Without Damage

Researching the Financial Lives of the Poor

by Kim WilsonJohn Hammock, Associate Professor of Public Policy, The Fletcher School and Adjunct Professor, Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy, Tufts University, and Mehvish Arifeen

Leveraging Public Private Partnerships for Financial Inclusion

by Ron Hynes, Group Executive, Global Prepaid Solutions, MasterCard Worldwide

Beyond A Working Wage: Financial Inclusion for Factory and Farm Workers

Moving from Symptoms to Root Causes

by Henrietta Lake, Director, Lake Advisory

Banking Under Fire: Creating Normalcy through Banking in Post-Conflict Settings

by Anusha Jayatilake, Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy, 2012 and  Lilia Bliznashka, Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate, 2013

Under the supervision of Karen Jacobsen and Kim Wilson, Fletcher Faculty

Can Mobile Money be Used to Promote Savings? 

Evidence from Northern Ghana

by Jenny C. Aker, Assistant Professor of Economics, The Fletcher School and the Department of Economics, Tufts University and Kim Wilson

Mobile-izing the Mainstream to get Extreme: Inclusive Innovation begets Inclusive Products

by Carolyn Hall McMahon, Innovation Strategist, D2D Fund

A Systems Approach to Financial Services

by Joanna Ledgerwood, Senior Advisor, Access to Finance, Aga Khan Foundation 

Tiendas de la Salud

Health kiosks in rural Guatemala offer women owners stable income and communities crucial  medicine at affordable prices

by Nathan Kennedy, Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy Candidate, 2013

Under the supervision of Kim Wilson, Fletcher Faculty

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