First Round Applications for the 2013-14 Fletcher D-Prize must be submitted by midnight on December 2, 2013. Please use the application form to submit all materials.

Applications consist of a concept note and a resume.

Concept Note

Please prepare a concept note of roughly two pages which responds to the following prompts.

●   What is your idea for distributing a proven poverty solution? Who are the people you will serve, why do they not have access to the poverty solution, and how will you reach them?

●   If creating your own challenge, please include a description of the problem you’re solving, explain the poverty solution, and explain why it is proven.

●   How many people will you help within three months? What is one other metric you will use to measure your success, and what goals will you meet in the same timeframe? (Examples: number of products sold, number of schools reached, etc).

●   Why is your idea effective at creating social impact, relative to the cost?

●   Why is your idea scalable? What is your vision for expanding to help many people?



We look for applicants who have demonstrated passion in their previous experiences and have relevant skills necessary to pilot a new venture. Please ensure your resume focuses on demonstrates relevant qualifications. Resumes should be no more than 2 pages.