Full-time Employment

The following data provides comparative statistics for the years 2010 - 2014 for the different sectors where Fletcher students have pursued career opportunities. Data reflects employment statistics as of December 2014 for students graduating between August 1, 2013 and July 31, 2014. Of the graduates who completed the survey, 95% sought and found employment, obtained fellowships or internships, or had gone on for further study within six months of graduation.

All Sectors

   2010  2011  2012  2013  2014
 Nonprofit Sector
 25%  23%  27%  25%  31%
 Private Sector  30%  30%  31%  38%  33%
 Public Sector & Multilateral Organizations  36%  43%  37%  32%  30%
 Continuing Education  9%  4%  5%  5%  5%

Nonprofit Sector: Full-time employment


Nonprofit Sector  2010  2011  2012  2013  2014

 3%  3%  7%
 Research/Think Tanks

 4%  6%  5%
 Social/Charitable Organizations

 9%  7%  11%

 7%  7%  6%

 4%  1%  3%
 TOTAL 25% 23%  27%  25%  31%

Sample Nonprofit Employers 2014


Accion Gateway Fund LLC Boston, MA USA
Asia Society New York, NY USA
Atlantic Council Washington, DC USA
Bizcorps Colombia Medellin, Colombia Colombia
Catholic Relief Services Manila Philippines
CDP New York, NY USA
Clinton Foundation New York, NY USA
Clinton Global Initiative New York, NY USA
Conflict Dynamics International Boston, MA USA
Consensus Building Institute Cambridge, MA USA
Council on Foreign Relations New York, NY USA
FHI 360 Washington, DC USA
Fraunhofer MOEZ Leipzig Germany
Humanity United Washington, DC USA
IREX Washington, DC USA
Korea Foundation for International Healthcare Seoul South Korea
Longyear Museum Newton, MA USA
Malala Fund Washington, DC USA
Mercy Corps Panyinjiar South Sudan
National Democratic Institute Washington, DC USA
Open Society Foundation New York, NY USA
Oxfam America Boston, MA USA
Partners of the Americas Washington USA
Phoenix Futures London United Kingdom
Project Concern International (PCI) Washington, DC USA
Qatar Foundation Dohar Qatar
Root Capital Cambridge, MA USA
Samaritan's Purse Boone, NC USA
Save the Children Juba South Sudan
The Boys' Club of New York New York, NY USA
The Nature Conservancy Washington, DC United States
Vermont Refugee Resettlement Program/USCRI Colchester, VT USA
Winrock International Washington, DC USA
World Agroforestry Centre Nairobi Kenya
World Economic Forum Geneva Switzerland
World Food Programme Rome Italy
World Wildlife Fund Athens Greece
Youth for Understanding USA Cambridge, MA USA
Private Sector: Full-time employment

   2010  2011  2012  2013  2014
 5%  10%  6%  6%  6%
 11%  9%  11%  12%  10%
 Energy  3%  2%  3%  2%  4%
 Media/Entertainment  1%  12%  1%  3%  1%
 Other  7%  10%  10%  15%  12%
 TOTAL  30%  30%  31%  38%


Sample Private Sector Internships/Organizations 2014


Abt Associates Washington DC USA
Bain & Company  Johannesburg South Africa 
Bank of Japan Tokyo Japan
Boeing Washington, DC USA
Boeing Evanston, WA USA
Booz & Company New York, NY USA
Cambridge Associates Boston, MA USA
Cambridge Associates Arlington, VA USA
CommerzBank New York, NY USA
EMC Hopkinton, MA USA
Ergo New York, NY USA
frog design  New York, NY USA
Greenwich Associates Stamford, CT USA
Hitachi, Ltd Tokyo Japan
Lavastorm Analytics Boston, MA USA
McLarty Associates Washington, DC USA
Meister Consultants Group Boston, MA USA
Mercator Advisory Group Maynard, MA USA
Merrill Lynch Tokyo Japan
Monitor 360 Alexandria, VA USA
Monitor Deloitte Boston, MA USA
Palantir New York, NY USA
Shell Bangalore India
SSG Advisors Burlington, VT USA
State Street Corporation Boston, MA USA
The Cohen Group Washington, DC USA
Ward Circle Strategies Washington DC USA
Public Sector & Multilateral Orgs: Full-time employment

   2010  2011  2012  2013  2014
 US Government
 13%  19%  19%  13%  14%
 State Governments  1%  0%  0%  1%  1%
 Foreign Governments
 9%  14%  12%  12%  11%
 International Organizations  13%  10%  6%  6%  4%
 TOTAL  36%  43%  37%  32%  30%
Additional Information

Number of Students in the Graduating Class of 2014 = 311
Master of Arts in Law and Diplomacy (MALD) 185
Master of Arts (combined MA and GMAP) 68
Masters of International Business (MIB) 35
Masters of Law in International Law (LLM) 6
Doctor of Philosophy 7
Master of Arts in Humanitarian Assistance (MAHA) 10

Demographics of Students in the Graduating Class of 2014

Average age 27
Age range 21-45
Non-US students 42%
Males 46%
Females 54%
Citizenships represented 52

Average Salaries

The salary level of Fletcher graduates varies considerably depending on geographic location, employment sector and functional areas within the sector. The below figures do not include the additional salary benefits of Fletcher graduates employed in the multilateral sector where income is often tax-free. Nor does it include signing bonuses or end-of-year bonuses which can be a significant part of private sector salaries.

Public $57,987
Non-Profit $54,876
Private $87,734