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Issue 6 - Fall 2009 IDEAS Fall Issue: Calling on Copenhagen

This December, nations around the world came together at the COP15 conference in Copenhagen to discuss one of the world’s greatest challenges in the 21st century: climate change. The conference covered a wide range of potential topics, including the reduction of man-made greenhouse gases, respect for the environment, security and energy supply, and the impact on economic growth and competition on the world market. For this issue of IDEAS we are looking for papers from the Fletcher Community addressing how the international community should confront these problems.

Copenhagen: dim prospects for stronger enforcement mechanisms by Blake Ratcliff

Asking for more funding alone is not a winning negotiation strategy by Muktar Amin

Avoiding deforestation financing policy and issues by Nicholas Marwell

Healing the green lungs of our planet by Vicki Assevero, Arthur Ha, Tilmann Liebert, Marina Méndez Ransanz, Dong Song and Daisuke Takahashi

The financial sector and its potential for putting the economy on a low carbon path by Ines Kapphan


  • How can the COP 15 effectively enforcement an international climate change treaty in a post-Kyoto environment?

  • What can are the best negotiation strategies for African and G-77 countries?

  • Does a decrease forest-sector carbon emission have the potential to meaningfully reduce green house gas emissions?

  • How can the REDD program maximize the carbon abatement potential in the forestry sector?

  • What opportunities exist for environmental policy initiatives to influence industries and the market under the current financial crisis?