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Issue 2 - April 2007 Climate Change: How should we view and move forward on climate change policy?

This issue of IDEAS includes four opinion pieces about the effects of andpolicy options for climate change: Arctic Climate Change and US Security; Disaster Recovery and Climate Change; Climate Change and Warin Sudan; A Call for US Climate Policy.

Climate Change in the Arctic and its Implications for U.S. National Security  by Elizabeth L. Chalecki (Fletcher PhD candidate)


  • What are the diplomatic and security implications of polar ice melt?

  • What types of US policy should be prioritized given the high likelihood of polar ice melt in the near-term? 

Climate Change, Disaster Recovery, and Lessons from Indonesia by Nicole Guanzon (Urban & Environmental Policy & Planning, Tufts University) 


  • Following climate change initiated disasters,who should be involved in recovery operations and how should recoverybe conducted?

  • What policies will encourage sustainable post-disaster recovery?


Climate Change as the Continuation of War by Other Means by Patrick Meier (Fletcher PhD candidate)


  • Can not implementing climate change mitigation be seen as a conscious policy with costs and benefit?

  • Can climate change and genocide be equated?


Changing Course Will Require Major Policy Change, and the United States Must Lead the Way by William Moomaw (Fletcher) and Judy Layzer (MIT)


  • Are there relevantly painless ways to address climate change?

  • Where should we focus policy and action to have the greatest effect on mitigating climate change?