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IDEAS is an informal online journal hosted by CIERP featuring works by Fletcher students, staff, faculty, and alumni. The overall goal of IDEAS is to provide a forum to showcase thoughtful, informative works addressing environmental issues. Part of the vision of IDEAS is to promote and generate meaningful discussion about and innovative solutions to environmental problems. The primary audience for IDEAS is the Fletcher community.


Issue 7 (current issue)
Climate Change, Agriculture, and Food Security
Issue 6 - Fall 2009 
Calling on Copenhagen
Issue 5 - December 2008
United States’ Environmental Policy: Recommendations for President-elect Barack Obama’s environmental policy agenda
Issue 4 - May 2008
Corporate Social Responsibility and the Environment: What should corporations be responsible for doing in regard to the environment?
Issue 3 - Novenmber 2007
Water & Sustainable Development: Recommendations for Improving Current Management Approaches
Issue 2 - April 2007 
Climate Change: How should we view and move forward on climate change policy?
Issue 1 - January 2007
What are realistic options for alternative energy?