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Maria Petrova

Maria Petrova joined CIERP as a postdoctoral scholar in September 2011. Dr. Petrova works with Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher on analyzing U.S. climate and renewable energy policy from a socio-economic and policy perspective. More specifically, she summarizes and reviews U.S. public perceptions of renewable energy technologies (RETs), the impact of social networks on public opinion, and conceptualizing renewable energy values. Dr. Petrova comes to CIERP from Oregon State University, where she completed her PhD in Environmental Science in 2010. Her doctoral dissertation focused on public acceptability of wave energy technology in Oregon. Her main interests are on public opinion and acceptability of RETs, as well as on the policies that need to be in place to advance RET development and deployment. She is also interested in comparative RET policy studies, mainly between the U.S. and the countries in the EU. As a graduate student, Dr. Petrova made numerous presentations at energy and sustainability conferences in the U.S. and abroad. She won first place at the International Conference on Ocean Energy (ICOE) in Spain in 2010.

Dr. Petrova was recently interviewed about her research on RET adoption. Listen or read the transcript here.

Read a summary of her October 22, 2012, presentation here.

View a poster outlining Petrova's research here.


Postdoctoral Scholar (former), July 2011-June 2013


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(617) 627-6386

The Fletcher School
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Maria presents her research at Tufts' Community Day, September 2012