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New Researchers Bring Diverse Expertise to CIERP

September 12, 2011

tanakaCIERP welcomed five new experts to its research team in the fall of 2011, adding to an already robust and established lineup that will continue to conduct innovative research, suggest new policy options and contribute to international discussions on environmental resources. Shinsuke Tanaka joined the center as Assistant Professor of Economics, Maria Petrova Stefanovich as Post-Doctoral Research Fellow, Laura Kuhl and Kartikeya Singh as Junior Research Fellows and Xiaoyue Hou as Research Affiliate.

stef“We are extremely excited to have these five new experts join our research team,” said Mieke van der Wansem, CIERP Associate Director. “Their diverse background, skills and expertise will help the center develop cutting-edge strategies and policies to address critical international resource and environmental issues.”

Professor Tanaka will enhance CIERP’s capacities by bringing his expertise on the intersection of the economics of development, environment and health. A graduate of Boston University, Yale University and Soka University
of America, kuhlhis current work investigates the effect of environmental regulations in China on air pollution and infant mortality.

Dr. Petrova will work closely with Professor Kelly Sims Gallagher, Director of the Energy, Climate, and Innovation Research Program at CIERP, on analyzing U.S. climate and renewable energy policy from a socio-economic and policy perspective. She comes to CIERP from Oregon State University, where she completed her Ph.D. in Environmental Science in 2010.

Kuhl and Singh join CIERP as doctoral candidates at the Fletcher School. Kuhl, a recipient of a National Science Foundation IGERT Fellowship in Water and Diplomacy, wrote her master’s thesis on climate change, disaster risk reduction and flooding in Honduras, and will focus her research on climate change adaptation. Singh, a graduate of Yale University’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies and a member of the negotiating team of the government of Maldives for international climate talks, will be conducting research on climate change technology and innovation.

Hou will work closely with CIERP Director William Moomaw on research in the agricultural and food security aspects of climate policy.