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CIERP Research Fellow Describes Durban Experience, Opportunities for Young Climate Leaders

February 22, 2012

Kartikeya Singh, Junior Research Fellow at CIERP, discusses in an exclusive interview his experience at the COP-17 meeting in Durban, the shortcomings and achievements of the conference, the opportunity to write a new chapter in climate negotiations and his research interests:

You attended the latest COP-17 conference in December 2011. What was your role in Durban?

Kartikeya Singh: I was an attaché’ negotiator with the Maldives delegation, with whom I’ve worked since COP-15. This time around, I was managing meetings, liaising with media and civil society, and focusing primarily on legal form. Watch his complete answer below.

What was the outcome of Durban?

Kartikeya Singh: The outcome is mixed, as we have essentially just bought more time. What we do with this time leading up to 2015 is where we can perhaps be optimistic. While the EU’s second commitment period to the Kyoto protocol is not enough on a global scale, it nonetheless gave developing countries a reason to continue having trust in the process. Watch his complete answer below.

What is the role of young, upcoming climate leaders in the future of the talks, and what is the best way they can contribute?

Kartikeya Singh: Young climate leaders should focus on rebuilding the grassroots energy that has been depleted since Copenhagen. Aspiring diplomats should seriously consider the field of environmental diplomacy at this time of great opportunity for fresh ideas. Watch his complete answer below.

What is your research background and what are you currently focusing on?

Kartikeya Singh: My background is in decentralized energy management, specifically with regards to technologies for application in rural India, and in global environmental politics. At CIERP, I will focus on climate, energy and innovation, looking specifically at how international negotiations are influencing countries to take voluntary action to address climate change. Watch his complete answer below.

-Interview by Elia Boggia, MALD candidate F13

Also see "Demystifying the Durban Outcome," an article by Singh published in the Fletcher Forum.