Work Requirement

What is the work requirement for the two years prior to enrollment?
All Map Your Future students must have their professional plans approved by the Fletcher Admissions Office. To enroll in the program, students agree to complete two years of full-time, professional work (paid or unpaid) prior to matriculation. Ideally, this work will be related to your future career goals. If you are unable to complete two years of work experience before your scheduled date of enrollment, or if you would like to continue with a third year of work experience, you may be granted one additional year  of deferral. 
Do internships count toward the two-year work requirement?
Yes, but the internship should be long-term and substantive in nature. 
Can I hold multiple/different positions during the two years?
Yes, as long as it adds up to two years of full-time professional experience.
Do volunteer positions in the Peace Corps, Americorps or other service programs meet the two-year work requirement?
After I have completed two years of work, can I request an additional deferral?
Yes, you can request one additional year of deferral. Decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Will Fletcher help me find my job to meet the two-year work requirement?
Map Your Future Students are responsible for finding their own employment and should look to the career resources provided by their own undergraduate institutions.

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