If I have applied unsuccessfully for MALD or MIB admission through the traditional admissions process, can I reapply to the Map Your Future Program?
Yes. To be considered, email with a detailed request. You will be required to submit additional application materials, and will be notified of next steps after your initial request for consideration.
If I have already graduated, can I still apply?
Prospective students who have graduated in the six months prior to either application deadline are eligible to apply. 
What is the profile of a successful applicant to this program?
Map Your Future students have outstanding academic credentials, interest in international issues, strong extracurricular activities, foreign language proficiency, and a demonstrated track record of success to date, but lack the substantive work experience of our ideal Fletcher candidate. 
Is an interview required?
No, however optional on-campus as well as virtual interviews are available. Please visit the interview section for more information.
When will I receive information about my scholarship/financial aid?
Map Your Future candidates will not be offered scholarship aid at the time of admission. Rather, admitted and enrolling Map Your Future candidates will be sent an application for scholarship aid the November prior to their year of enrollment.  Applications for scholarship aid must be submitted to the Office of Admissions and Financial Aid by January 15 of the year of enrollment.  Admitted Map Your Future candidates who submit a scholarship application are guaranteed a minimum award of $5,000.  However, scholarship awards are based on a combination of merit and need and may exceed the $5,000 minimum.   
If I apply to the Map Your Future Program and am not admitted, can I reapply to Fletcher in a future year?
You may apply (not through Map Your Future) to one of Fletcher’s degree programs in a future year using our reapplication procedures.  You are not disadvantaged in your future application as a result of being denied admission to the Map Your Future Program. 
I’m a senior in college. Is there a possibility that I could still be admitted for enrollment through the traditional admission process?
Yes, Fletcher admits a small number of highly qualified candidates directly from undergraduate studies. However, work experience is an important part of the Fletcher student profile, and we encourage students still in college to consider applying for the Map Your Future Program instead. 
What are the application requirements?
All Map Your Future Program applicants must submit an additional essay for the program describing your goals for the next two years.  With the exception of the Scholarship Aid Application, all other requirements are the same.  (Map Your Future candidates do not complete a Scholarship Aid application until the January before they enroll.) 
Is admission to the Map Your Future Program binding?
Admission to the Map Your Future Program is not binding, however there is a non-refundable $500 deposit required to hold your place in the future class.

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