Strategic Management & International Consultancy

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

Aubridge Partners
Shanghai, China

Aubridge designs and executes China strategies primarily for U.S. clients. Services include strategic sourcing, market entry, and M&A advising. "As a small cross-border start-up consulting firm, Aubridge had to face the challenges of communication, coordination, and resource allocation. The lessons I extracted from the internship were derived as much from examining Aubridge's own operations as from working with the consulting clients. I was involved in consulting to US clients sourcing components from China, evaluating investment opportunities for potential China operations, developing marketing materials for new US clients, and assisting in training and management of local China staff."

The Climate Group
London, UK

The Climate Group is a non-profit which works with businesses to promote private sector leadership on climate changes. "Working at The Climate Group was interesting because it provided a mix between a business and environmental perspective. I learned how to talk about climate change in a way business people would understand, and care about. My first project involved doing research on over 200 European, Latin, and African companies to find those which had published information on their carbon emissions and/or publicly released information on their past or planned reductions. For my second project, I conducted surveys for the Institutional Investor's Group on Climate Change, worked with pension funds to develop the concept of climate risk, and encouraged more businesses to disclosure their emissions."

Hola Foods
Cordoba, Argentina

"I was contracted by a Fletcher alumnus to do research for his start-up company in Argentina. My internship allowed me to interact with a variety of people and to analyze market trends. I researched the market for natural/organic foods and analyzed the prices of industrial inputs as well as the economic and legal context for the business."