Public & NGO Management

An International Business Field of Study for MIB Students

The four fields of study that are the International Business fields for the MIB degree include: International Finance and Banking; Strategic Management and International Consultancy; Marketing; and Public and NGO Management. Students in the MIB program must complete one of these four International Business Fields of Study along with one International Affairs (MALD/PhD) Field of Study. MIB students must complete a minimum of three course credits in a single field to fulfill the International Business Field of Study requirement. Modular courses (1/2 credit courses) must be matched up to make a full credit. Each field has one required course credit and two elective course credits. An asterisk (*) denotes the required course for the field. Through petition to the Committee on Student Academic Programs, MALD students may offer one of the MIB International Business Fields of Study. However, it should be noted that in doing so, they are ineligible to officially offer the International Business Relations Field toward their plan of study. Note: MIB students are not permitted to offer the International Affairs Field of Study, International Business Relations, to satisfy one of their field requirements.

The Public and NGO Management Field of Study requires the completion of a minimum of three course credits from the list below, including one required course and two electives (see Key details below). Modular courses (1/2 credit courses) must be matched up to make a full credit. For specific information on when and if courses are being offered, please see the current year’s course listing.

As a reminder, please note:

  • A course may be counted for credit in only one Field of Study.
  • In those cases where a course is listed in more than one Field of Study, the student may choose the Field of Study in which it is to be credited.
  • Courses, however, may be used to meet both Divisional Breadth requirements and Field of Study requirements simultaneously.

Faculty Supervising this Field of Study: Professor Lawrence A. Weiss


[ILO L221] Actors in Global Governance
DHP D216m
Social Networks in Organizations - Part One
DHP  D217m
Social Networks in Organizations - Part Two
DHP P228m Advanced Evaluation and Learning in International Organizations
EIB B209m Managerial Accounting
*EIB B210 Governmental and Non-Profit Accounting
EIB B212
Starting New Ventures
EIB B220
Global Financial Services
EIB B234 Strategic Management in Privatizing and Deregulating Industries
EIB B237 Field Studies in Global Consulting
EIB B241 Financial Inclusion - A Method for Development
EIB B243
Market Approaches to Development
EIB B264 Strategic Marketing for Non-profit Organizations 

* This course is required for constitution of the field.
++ Any one of these courses may be used as the required course in the field.
+ Any one of these courses may be used as the second required course in the field.
[ ] Bracketed courses are those not offered 2014-2015.
Unless otherwise indicated, students need three course credits to complete a field of study. Modular courses count as one-half credit and if listed in a field, two must be taken to complete one course.

Professors with expertise in the field

Research Centers

Student Theses

Beyond the Constitution: Enhancing the Role of Legislatures in Conflict-Affected Societies (MALD 2010)

Maintaining Socially-Inclusive Economic Growth By Enabling Opportunity: Achieving Sustainable Development in Vietnam (MALD 2009)

A Story of Communication, Power and Vision: Bringing Guatemalan Civil Society into the National Decision-Making Process (MALD 2008)

NGO Mission and Staff Perception: A Case Study of the Finca del Niño (MALD 2008)