Public International Law

International Law has been one of the key subjects studied at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy since the founding of the School. This has never meant that economic, political (including military), social and other aspects of international affairs are neglected, but that the play of various policies in the international legal order is seen as a significant part of international affairs. The basic course for the field is the course in Public International Law. Admission to that course requires the prior completion of the Fletcher course in the International Legal Order. To complete the field, a student may take one of a wide variety of courses focusing on the structure of international organizations, trade, dispute resolution, human rights, international legal history, or other aspects of the international legal order as they affect current affairs.

To further their knowledge of international law, students may choose from variety of courses focusing on issues such as:

  • international legal history
  • human rights
  • the law of the sea
  • the role of international organizations
  • peace operations
  • non-proliferation law and institutions
  • international trade

In this field, students examine legal order throughout the course of history and all over the world – always with an eye toward relevant current events – and gain a comprehensive and rigorous education on the international legal order and its impact on the broader field of international affairs.