Pacific Asia

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

Aubridge Partners
Shanghai, China

Aubridge designs and executes China strategies primarily for U.S. clients. Services include strategic sourcing, market entry, and M&A advising.

"As a small cross-border start-up consulting firm, Aubridge had to face the challenges of communication, coordination, and resource allocation. The lessons I extracted from the internship were derived as much from examining Aubridge's own operations as from working with the consulting clients. I was involved in consulting to US clients sourcing components from China, evaluating investment opportunities for potential China operations, and assisting in training and management of local China staff."

The Government of Singapore Investment Corporation

"My responsibilities included creating a scorecard of momentum indicators for Emerging Markets portfolio managers as well as researching the effects of momentum on the MSCI EM index. It was a very interesting project that utilized my experience and developed new skills."