Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

APCO Worldwide
Washington, D.C. USA

"This internship was a great introduction to both public relationswork and global marketing. I was able to interact with many smart,international-oriented colleagues. One of my responsibilities wasdeveloping a global marketing strategy for an APCO client. It was anamazing opportunity and I was able to develop a strategy, timeline,budget, white papers, style guide, marketing language, and designedpromotional materials."

Aubridge Partners
Shanghai, China

Aubridge designs and executes China strategies primarily for U.S.clients. Services include strategic sourcing, market entry, and M&Aadvising. "As a small cross-border start-up consulting firm, Aubridgehad to face the challenges of communication, coordination, and resourceallocation. The lessons I extracted from the internship were derived asmuch from examining Aubridge's own operations as from working with theconsulting clients. I was involved in consulting to US clients sourcingcomponents from China, evaluating investment opportunities forpotential China operations, developing marketing materials for new USclients, and assisting in training and management of local Chinastaff."

Hitachi Research Institute
Tokyo, Japan

HRI creates and proposes new business solutions for management andmarket development, economic forecasting, and policy proposals.“I worked on a marketing research project which was very interesting,and I had the added benefit of working in a different culturalenvironment that was new to me.”