Law & Development

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include: 

Instituto Brasil Solidario (Institute of Brazilian Solidarity)
Sao Paulo, Brazil

The internship was designed to conduct research for a start up NGO in microfinance. As part of a team, I was able to travel extensively throughout the Brazilian interior and interview hundreds of rural residents. Additionally I was able to meet with banking officials and government officials — and was even profiled on television — to explain the research I was conducting. My responsibilities included conducting market research to determine the feasibility of starting microfinance in the interior of Brazil."

The Trinational Commission for the Trifinio Plan
El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala

"I was able to secure a fellowship to fund my research, which contributed directly as a co-financing arrangement for a project that was being executed through an Inter-American Development Bank loan. This self-funding provided me with many more opportunities than I would have had otherwise. I developed a strategic plan for establishing a system of biological corridors linking a protected area shared by El Salvador, Guatemala, and Honduras with protected areas in the national territories of each of the three countries. I worked with regional, national, and local governments as well as communities to facilitate the harmonization of protected area management practices in the trinational border region shared by the three countries."