International Security Studies

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

Office of the Secretary of Defense
Washington, D.C. USA

"My internship provided me with a unique insight into high levels of policy making combined with substantive work. I was given responsibility for two summer-long projects and also helped with on-going initiatives."

Department of State, U.S. Embassy SerbiaBelgrade, Serbia
"I enjoyed being able to see what the life of a Foreign Service Officer is like. It confirmed my interest in working for the Department of State in the future. It was also great to meet most of the high-ranking politicians in Serbia. My responsibilities were varied and interesting. During my internship, I wrote summaries of press briefings distributed to senior level officers at Embassy and in Washington, D.C.; acted as note taker for the Ambassador and Deputy Chief of Mission at several high-level meetings with the Prime Minister, Deputy Prime Minister, President and Foreign Minister; served as Action Officer for visit of new Ambassador for War Crimes, scheduling meetings and preparing materials; assisted Department of Justice's Rule of Law staff with three-day conference on organized crime and corruption; wrote cables regarding human rights trafficking and minority issues; and attended project site evaluations for three USAID-funded projects."

Smiths DetectionBangkok, Thailand
"I was able to observe, interact, and work with Thai government officials at the highest levels of aviation and critical infrastructure security. My responsibilities included advising the Regional Director of Smiths Detection on financial lease structuring, government tenders, and security agreements with Thai authorities. I was also able to participate in agreement negotiation for security apparatus at the new international airport."