International Organizations

Most students choose to pursue summer internships in their fields of interest. Select student internships include:

U.S. Department of State, International Organizations Bureau: Office of Policy, Public, and Congressional Affairs
Washington, D.C.

"My internship was very satisfying as I was given the responsibilities of a regular employee. I was able to watch US foreign policy take shape and solidify every day. I prepared press guidance about several issues relating to events in the UN, such as peacekeeping in Darfur and the inauguration of the Human Rights Council. Each day during the Lebanon crisis, I prepared a briefing book for the Assistant Secretary about USG public statements about Lebanon."

UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)
Conakry, Guinea

"I conducted individual interviews with refugees who had specific protection concerns and was responsible for writing up a monitoring report and referring individual cases to the protection officer in charge if I was unable to address the issue on my own. I also conducted background research on the countries of origin for refugee status determination and individual case files. In additional, I worked on food distribution and repatriation registration in camps and developed a survey and compiled statistics on refugees' desire to repatriate. The opportunity to interact with refugees on a daily basis both in an urban and camp setting was tremendous, and it provided an understanding of how UNHCR operates in the field."

United Nations Development Program (UNDP)
Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

"I was an intern with the Rights Based Municipal Development Program (RMAP). In this role I researched and drafted policy briefs outlining sources of EU funding for the region as well as producing best-practice guidelines for the effective absorption of these funds. My work with RMAP included participation in the assessment and planning stages of municipal budget development. I attended and participated in lively municipal development planning sessions where I gained a comprehensive understanding of local conditions and constraints and the way these factors influence local development planning. I also worked as part of a project team drafting and translating development plans and donor project proposals."