International Business Relations

Recent Lectures & Events

The Changing Nature of International Capital Markets
Marshall Carter, Chairman, New York Stock Exchange (September 2007)

The Financial War on Terror: Effectiveness of Current Approaches and Implications for Global Business
Professor Warde argues that financial crackdowns have had virtually no impact on terrorism, with the financial war instead functioning to cut off Islamic populations from many dimensions of international finance while decreasing the competitiveness of U.S. businesses in the Middle East. (March 2008)

Challenging Times: The Fed's Role in Today's Global Financial System
Michael F. Silva, SVP, Chief of Staff, The Federal Reserve Bank of New York (January 2008)

Microfinance: The Next Generation
John and Ana Hammock, both Fletcher graduates, address changes in microfinance since its earliest days, its future in the arenas of development and commerce, and the issues surrounding financial literacy both domestically and overseas. (September 2007)

Mexico's Financial Reform
Charles Francis Adams Lecture/Lunch with Dr. Francisco Gil-Diaz (November 2007)

A Private Equity Primer for Emerging Markets: Trends, Challenges & Questions
Roger Berry, Director, Climate Change Capital (April 2008)

Cause Branding, Marketing, and Corporate Responsibility: Trends and Cases
Carol Cone, Chairman and Founder, Cone Inc. (October 2007)

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