Humanitarian Studies

UNHCR (The UN Refugee Agency)
Conakry, Guinea

"I conducted individual interviews with refugees who had specific protection concerns and was responsible for writing up a monitoring report and referring individual cases to the protection officer in charge if I was unable to address the issue on my own. I also conducted background research on the countries of origin for refugee status determination and individual case files. In addition, I worked on food distribution and repatriation registration in camps and developed a survey and compiled statistics on refugees' desire to repatriate. The opportunity to interact with refugees on a daily basis both in an urban and camp setting was tremendous, and it provided an understanding of how UNHCR operates in the field."

The Asia Foundation
Colombo, Sri Lanka

"I enjoyed interacting with survivors of the tsunami and monitoring programs that helped their mental health. It was also very educational to observe an efficient NGO in the field. My internship allowed me to document human rights violations, monitor psychospiritual healing programs for tsunami survivors and find theater groups to develop programs to enlighten the public on the prevention of torture."

Save the Children
Gao, Mali

"This was an experience of real challenges of development in remote, post-natural disaster areas as well as the challenges of NGO work (funding, staff morale, logistics, internal communication). My internship involved documenting baseline conditions through field visits. I was involved in survey design, implementation and analysis as well as a qualitative analysis of the program impact."

International Rescue Committee
Monrovia, Liberia

"Working with an organization that does cutting-edge work on gender-based violence in a post-conflict situation was an extremely important component of my Fletcher education. I worked with national training staff to develop skills-based, participatory workshops not based on literacy for communities that are preventing and responding to gender-based violence."

CARE International
Arua, Uganda

"I had a very hands-on experience and was able to spend lots of time in the field. I was asked to help design a long-term conflict resolution program and to design and deliver a conflict resolution workshop for staff. I was also able to work on grant writing."