Development Economics

Recent Lectures and Events

Workshop on Civil Society & Socio-Economic Development
Dr. Tosun Aricanli, professor of Political Economy, Southern New Hampshire University (April 2008)

The Effects of Dictatorship on Development: Zimbabwe
A case study by Dana Binnedijk (February 2009)

Technology, Development and the Environment
Presented by Karen Fisher-Vanden (February 2008)

Information, Role Models, and Perceived Returns to Education: Experimental Evidence from Madagascar
Lecture by Trang Nguyen (January 2008)

Advancement of Girls' Education (AGE) Presentation
AGE is working in Malawi to provide secondary school scholarships, mentoring and leadership training so that girls in rural villages in Malawi can continue their education. (September 2007)

A Poverty-free World and The Grameen Bank
Presented by Mohammed Yunus (March 2006)

Conference on Remittances and Development in Latin America
Speakers include David McKenzie of The World Bank (March 2006)