Fields of Study

The Field of Study is the basic building block of the Fletcher curriculum. These areas of specialization or concentration are the school's "depth" requirement. Fields of Study enable you to develop a specific set of skills related to a functional topic or geographic area. Field of Study requirements are often completed by taking courses in more than one division of our three divisions (ILO, DHP, EIB).

  • MALD students are required to graduate with two Fields of Study.

  • PhD students complete two Fields of Study (with at least 4 courses per field) on a deeper level of study.

  • MIB students must complete two Fields of Study, including one International Business Field of Study (scroll down for more detailed information for MIB students).

  • MA students are not required to present Fields of Study, though many do. 


  • A course may be counted for credit in only one Field of Study.
  • In those cases where a course is listed in more than one Field of Study, the student may choose the Field of Study in which it is to be credited.
  • Courses, however, may be used to meet both Divisional Breadth requirements and Field of Study requirements simultaneously.
  • Each field of study must consist of at least 3 course credits and, in some cases, the field may require 4 course credits, or 4.5 course credits.
Below you will find a comprehensive listing of course requirements for our Fields of Study:


* These are the most commonly chosen major fields of study at the PhD level.
+ Note that at the PhD level this field is called  'Comparative Politics and Human Security' and has specific course requirements for PhDs.

Note: As you review each Field of Study listed above, you will see posted on each of the Fields of Study's Academic tabs the "Key" which associates each of the graphic icons with the courses that are required, optional, as well as not offered in the 2013-2014 academic year.

International Business Fields for MIB Students

The four Fields of Study that are the International Business fields for the MIB degree include: International Finance and Banking; Marketing; Public and NGO Management; and Strategic Management and International Consultancy. Students in the MIB program must complete one of these four International Business Fields of Study along with one International Affairs (MALD/PhD) Field of Study. The International Affairs Fields of Study are feature in the listing above. MIB students must complete a minimum of three course credits in a single Field of Study to fulfill the International Business Field of Study requirement. Modular courses (1/2 credit courses) must be matched up to make a full credit. Each Field of Study has one required course credit and two elective course credits. An asterisk (*) denotes the required course for the field. Through petition to the Committee on Student Academic Programs, MALD students may offer one of the MIB International Business Fields of Study. However, it should be noted that in doing so, they are ineligible to officially offer the International Business Relations Field toward their plan of study.