"Diversity at Fletcher is manifested in the truest sense of the word and not restricted to that of race or socio-economic status. Diversity is that of ideas, perspectives, background, languages, religion, culture, political positions, and so on. The richness of the school's diversity is incomparable. The respect that colleagues have for one another ensures that this diversity is an asset that informs everything from social discussions and heated debates among peers, to complex policy questions with real-world implications that are explored in class."
- Ketura Brown, MALD 2011; Desk Officer - Iraq, U.S. Department of State


"My favorite thing about Fletcher is that I'm able to dive into greater depth about environmental issues, but at the same time have discussions with people about the Israel-Palestine conflict, the partitioning of Sudan, military coups in Latin America and microfinance in Bangladesh. The diversity of interests and backgrounds in this place is mind-numbing. Every day I am reminded that I am in a global school and my classroom is filled with participants from across the world."

- Kartikeya Singh, PhD Candidate, India



“[Fletcher’s diversity] manifests itself through the great number of languages spoken at Fletcher, the fantastic cultural nights, the fun atmosphere and cooperative team work. All these different experiences and cultural perspectives come together to produce more profound, more original solutions both in the classroom and eventually in the real world for global issues. I have found this environment to be truly stimulating while accepting of different points of view, which I really appreciate. We challenge each other, but always with respect. This is very much the essence of Fletcher.”
- Cecilia Paradi-Guilford, MIB 2010; ICT & Innovation Specialist, The World Bank


“The diversity of the community at Fletcher continually amazes me. As Fletcher's curriculum is interdisciplinary, you will meet students from the private, public, non-profit sectors and everywhere in between. Having conversations with such a diverse group helps you see how many different approaches and perspectives are needed to truly create social change. Pretty much every international issue has an economic, legal, social, and political component, and being able to navigate how one change in an area affects another is critical to understanding how change occurs.”
- Kyle Muther, MALD 2013, United States


"It is difficult to imagine the full range of diversity that Fletcher's student body represents. I share my apartment at Blakeley Hall with a news producer from Al Jazeera and a Peace Corps volunteer. I have met people from every imaginable profession - from human rights practitioners, to military professionals, to diplomats-in-training, to bankers. It has been such a great experience.”
- Shuvam Dutta, MALD 2013, India

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